How To Save Money On Razors

How To Save Money On Razors

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Keeping costs as low as possible requires you to carefully analyze each expenditure and to reduce spending as much as possible. The cost of razors can be very high for some people’s budgets. In some cases, people trade out their razors weekly, which adds to the overall cost associated with shaving. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, you may be curious about how to save money on razors.

You Can Save on Razors If You…

If you want to know how to save money on razors, you will be pleased to discover that there are several exceptional steps that you can take that can help you to reduce the cost of this expense throughout the year. This includes through usage strategies as well as shopping techniques. You may find that some of these strategies for how to save money on razors are more or less applicable to your unique situation than others, and you can easily combine a few ideas together to maximize the savings available to you. These are some of the top steps that you can take to save money on razors.

how to save money on razors

1. Dry the Razor After Each Use

Water is one of the most damaging elements for razor blades. When water is allowed to sit on the blade for even a short period of time, the metal can corrode. This can make the blade less effective at producing a close shave, and you may be more inclined to toss the razor away and reach for a new blade. Therefore, if you want to know how to save money on razors, a smart idea is to thoroughly dry your razor after each use. This may be done with something as simple as a towel, but some people will even blow dry the razor blade to ensure that all moisture in the tight spaces between the blades is thoroughly free of moisture.

2. Soak the Razor After Each Use

When you shave with a razor, the salt on your skin can also cause deterioration of the blade within a very short period of time. Addressing this issue often requires you to soak the razor in your choice of substances. Some people will store the blade in these substances between use, and others will simply give the blade a quick dip. Some of the substances that you can consider soaking your razor in include mineral oil, alcohol, baby oil, grapeseed oil and others. When you store the blade in these substances, you may decrease the likelihood of damage from humidity in the air in the bathroom, which can negatively affect the longevity of your razor.

3. Sharpen the Blade on Your Jeans

One of the primary reasons why you may reach for a new razor blade is because your current blade feels dull and is not giving you the close shave you desire. Sharpening the blade on a disposable razor sounds impossible or far more difficult than it is worth. However, this process is actually quick and easy, and you may be surprised how little effort is required to restore the blade to like-new condition. You simply run the side of the blade across a pair of old jeans approximately two dozen times. Repeat this process every few weeks as needed, and you may be able to extend the life of a disposable blade for several extra months.

4. Choose Your Lubricant Carefully

Most people apply a lubricant material to their skin before shaving, and this may including shaving cream, gel or even soap. Some of these products are highly acidic, and the acid can dull or damage your blade beyond repair. When looking for the right lubricant to use, consider choosing less acidic options, such as shaving soap or hair conditioner.

5. Store Your Razor in a Non-Humid Area

Because humidity is so detrimental to the condition of your razor blade, how you store it can play a major role in its longevity. Consider that the bathroom is the most common place to store a razor blade, but the humidity level in this space may be high even when you are not using the blade. This means that you may not always take steps to wipe a moist blade off as needed. A smart idea is to store your blade in a dry area, such as inside an enclosed zip bag that may be stored inside your cabinet or drawer until it is needed.

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6. Use Coupons

These steps can help you to extend the life of your razor blades, but you may need to know how to save money on razors at the point of sale. You may be able to easily find a few coupons on popular brands as well as store brands, and coupons give you an immediate way to save money on your purchase. Consider looking online for coupons as well as for coupon codes available for online orders so that you can maximize the savings opportunities available to you.

7. Comparison Shop

The products that have coupons on them are not always the best deal available. When you want to find a great deal on razors, you need to focus on the price per unit of the blade as well as the overall longevity of the blade. The latter option can be difficult to gauge, and your care techniques described previously can play a major role in this. When you are comparison shopping by price, use the Internet to check out prices at a few stores before you head out. Consider making a bulk purchase to save even more money on razors.

8. Avoid Buying Excessively High-Priced Razors

Some people think that high-priced razors will last longer and will provide better results over time. Your care of the razor blade is the most important factor in this, and it is possible to extend the life of even a disposable blade for six to eight months or longer with regular use. If your goal is to save money on razors, understand that the quality of the shave will vary by a minuscule amount in most cases based on the cost of the razor. Look for a razor with more blades for the best results.


Understanding how to save money on razors can help you to keep expenses on personal hygiene items as low as possible throughout your life. It can take some effort and planning to implement some of these money-saving tips initially. However, over time, they will become second nature to you, and you will almost intuitively take the necessary steps to extend the life of your razors and to get the best deal possible when making a new purchase.

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