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Hello all, and welcome to

I’m Matt and the reason why I started this website in the first place is to share what I discovered along this path called life. You can save money on the most expensive decisions in our lives and also learn how to invest for the future. Yup, you read that well. Let me tell you my story.

It all started when my wife got pregnant. We were living in this small two bedroom apartment that wasn’t costing us all that much. However, during one of our first trips to the doctor we found out my wife was carrying twins. That’s right, two baby girls! Needless to say, we had to move into a bigger house.

And so we did.

And what came with our new house? I started noticing things around the house, bill wise. Now, you should also know about me that I have a degree in Mathematics and I do believe that helped me a lot in discovering all these things. Being at home more now, with the two baby girls around, managing the house and micro-managing everything, therefore, including the bills, it always bothered me how big they always were and just how much we were spending on electricity, heating, internet, cable, and so on.

So I started doing some calculations, which I doubled with extensive online research and came to the conclusion that it is possible for a typical American family to reduce the costs of its household by just applying a few simple rules!!

Success was on my side.

Having lucked out and seeing that my hard work paid off, I started to extend both my research and my mathematical calculations. Therefore, I went into other corners of everyday life, such as food, gas, car insurance, holidays, investing, trading and so much more. I designed plans and rules for a better and simpler living and, guess what?

We, indeed, ended up saving a lot of money!

Now I have this website in which I poured the knowledge that I gained while doing all that research and calculations. You will find articles with simple tips and tricks on how to save money on heating in winter time, on gas for your car, on holidays, on how to find cheaper flights, on food and so, so much more.

I will even cover everything that I have learned about investing in the stock market, options, and more.

I am also very interested in hearing your opinion on all of this as well as some new tips and tricks so please write to me in the comment section of the articles. Let’s save and invest together!