Can You Use Restaurant/Store Coupons On DoorDash?

Can You Use Coupons On DoorDash?

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Meals from your favorite places can be ordered through their website or app and then delivered to your door. If you enjoy using DoorDash, you may look for ways to save money on your orders. 

One way to save money on food is with coupons. Coupons can save you a certain amount of food and items you buy. But, can you use coupons on Doordash?

You cannot use normal food coupons (like those you have received in the mail or paper) when getting food with Doordash. Doordash does offer many different coupons and promo codes that you can apply to your order but you can’t use traditional restaurant coupons. 

It’s also important to know that even if the restaurant is a partner with DoorDash, you cannot use gift cards for that particular restaurant on your DoorDash order. Restaurant gift cards have to be used whenever you eat at the restaurant or go and pick it up yourself and cannot be used when ordering through Doordash. 

The only coupons that you can use on Doordash are Doordash coupons. If it is your first time ordering through DoorDash, then you can save on delivery fees and receive an additional discount. DashPass also helps you to save on Doordash orders. 

Other Doordash coupons are available on certain online sites. These coupons vary and can save you a percentage or dollar amount off of your favorite restaurant meals. So, while Doordash offers deals for new customers only, existing DoorDash customers can still get coupons through coupon sites. 

Sites where you can receive DoorDash coupons include the following:

To use a Doordash coupon or promo code, simply choose/select and copy the one you want to use on your order. On the Doordash website or app, enter/paste the code into the promo code box. Click”Apply” and it will automatically update the total of your meal to the discounted one. 

So, you can’t use restaurant coupons, but you can use Doordash coupons on Doordash.

How Do You Get Free Food From DoorDash Without Paying?

Food delivery makes it possible for you to have your favorite restaurant meals delivered to your home or office. One popular food delivery service is DoorDash. They are partnered with hundreds of restaurants and all you have to do is order and they will deliver it to you. 

But, how do you get free food from DoorDash without paying?

The best way to get discounts or even free food with Doordash is to become a DashPass member. With this, you can receive coupons and promo codes as well as member exclusive deals to get food from all of your favorite restaurants.

Get the DoorDash Dash Pass free trial. If you are going to be using DoorDash often, the DashPass is worth it, as you get free delivery for 30 days. After this, you can choose to cancel your subscription or keep it for the monthly fee. 

A DashPass is $9.99 a month which is totally worth it if you will be ordering food through DoorDash at least twice a month. It offers customers $0 delivery fees and lower fees on orders over the minimum total on delivery and grocery purchases. You also get 5% credit back on all for your Pickup orders. 

Exclusive promos are available for members only from all the places you love to eat and shop. As a member, you have access to free food deals when you spend a certain amount, coupons at restaurants and stores and 10% off your next order. 

Doordash sometimes also offers DashPass members deals like $10 or $20 off purchases. 

There are no contracts or long phone calls to sign up for a DashPass and it pays for itself in just 2 Doordash orders. Looking to save money on Doordash purchases? The DashPass free trial can help you out. 

Along with this, here are some other ways you can save on your Doordash orders:

  • If you are a Dasher, (employees of DoorDash who picks up and delivers the food and/or items) then you can get discounts on car maintenance as well as 2% cash back on gas. 
  • If you refer friends to use Doordash then you can receive $250 in Doordash credits. For every person you refer, you get $10 and the limit is 25 people. When your friends place their first order of $15 or more with your referral code, then you get $10 and they get $5 off their next 3 orders.
  • If it is your first time ordering from a restaurant then most of the time, you will receive free delivery. On the Doordash app, you will be able to see this list of restaurants. This free delivery is available even if you don’t have a DahsPass. 
  • If you use a Target Red Card to buy a Doordash gift card, you can get an easy 5% off of the gift card purchase.
  • If you have a Chase Visa card or a World Elite mastercard, then you can get a free DashPass Subscription. Depending on what type of card you have, you can get DashPass free for anywhere from 3 to 12 months.
  • If you want to skip the delivery fee, you can pick up your order. When ordering your food, you have the option to pick it up or have it delivered. When you choose picking it instead of delivering then you don’t have to pay the delivery fee which is usually around $5.99. Some restaurants won’t have this option available, so if this is what you want to do, you will have to filter your search results “Pickup” only.

Keep in mind that DoorDash does cost more than ordering in restaurants. When you make a Doordash order, you are paying about 20% more for your food than you would in the restaurant. But, this is because of the delivery fees given to your Dashers. 

Doordash is cheaper than Uber Eats, but more expensive than GrubHub. Doordash doesn’t offer a student discount, but you can find promo does of 25% off occasionally on sites like StudentBeans. You can also order from multiple stores at once so you don’t have to pay an additional delivery fee. 

This can be great if you need items from different stores. Doordash doesn’t have a rewards program for their customers, but you can earn points through other restaurants’ websites or apps. However, these reward points can’t be used with DoorDash orders. 

So, there are many ways to save on your Doordash order and you can even get free food with a DashPass.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can’t use traditional coupons on Doordash, but they offer promo codes and savings for first time customers, referral codes, and DashPass. Paper coupons don’t work with your order, but there are many coupons that can be found on coupon sites. 

By following all the helpful tips on how to save on your Doordash order, you can get food from your favorite restaurants for a discounted price. Although you can’t use restaurant coupons, you can use online Doordash coupons and promo codes on Doordash.

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