How To Save Money On Toilet Paper

How To Save Money On Toilet Paper

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There are many things that you can eliminate or cut back on when you want to save money on a regular basis. For example, you do not necessarily need to buy a pint of ice cream to eat for dessert every evening after dinner. You can also take a brown bag lunch to work rather than get a burger at the fast food joint on the corner near your office. However, there are other things that you simply cannot stop buying, and toilet paper is generally considered to be a true necessity. While it is a necessity, you may still want to learn how to save money on toilet paper. Each of these tips can help you to reduce spending on this essential item in different ways.

You Can Save Money on Toilet Paper If You…

At first glance, the thought of learning how to save money on toilet paper can seem futile. After all, everyone needs to use toilet paper for personal hygiene purposes on a daily basis. There really is not an option to not buy it.

However, with a closer look at how to save money on toilet paper, you may see that significant financial savings is available to you when you make a few adjustments to your habits.

1. Consider the Ply

Many people who want to know how to save money on toilet paper may make a hasty buying decision at the store. The impulse may be to reach for the most affordable toilet paper that you can find, but this can be a mistake.

The ply of toilet paper can affect how much you use. Because of how thin two-ply toilet paper is, you may easily pull more paper off of the roll to get an adequate amount for your needs.

The reality is that many people who purchase a more affordable option with a lower ply actually consume toilet paper at a faster rate.

In some cases, it is more cost-effective to splurge for a better ply count than to constantly replace an empty roll of toilet paper in the bathroom.

2. Ration Toilet Paper Use

Some families who need to know how to save money on toilet paper have started rationing it to their family members.

For example, male family members may get one roll per week, and females may get two rolls per week. This strategy may be more mental. This is because it forces individuals to be more aware of the amount of toilet paper they are using.

Otherwise, they can simply pull more sheets off of the roll without thinking about it. After all, many people use more toilet paper than they need simply because they are not aware of how much they are using.

3. Use Public Restrooms

If you are like most people, you may prefer to use the toilet at home. After all, this is a more private area, and it likely is cleaner as well.

However, rather than holding it until you get home, considering getting into the habit of using the bathroom before you leave for home.

For example, use the toilet at work before you leave for the day or at a restaurant at the end of your meal. This simple effort can drastically reduce the amount of toilet paper you consume at home.

4. Switch to a Generic Brand

You may equate generic brands of toilet paper to a lower quality. The last thing you want is to have an issue with quality when you are in the midst of using toilet paper.

However, many store brands actually are quality products that are simply made in a more affordable way. When you switch to a generic toilet paper brand, such as the store brand, you may be able to save a substantial amount of money.

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5. Focus on the Per Unit Cost

Another wonderful idea to think about when you want to know how to save money on toilet paper is to look at the per unit cost of the item.

Each grocery store has a total package price listed in big print on a label, but there is also a smaller per unit price. This per unit price may give you the cost per roll or per ounce.

It can be difficult to determine which package offers true value when each has different ply counts and numbers of rolls. When you focus on the per unit cost, you can quickly and easily make a budget-minded buying decision.

6. Look for Coupons and Promotions

If you are in the habit of buying the same toilet paper brand each week, you may want to think again. Many grocery stores offer excellent coupons and promotions on different products from time to time. And this includes popular brands as well as generic or store brands.

These discounts can help you to save a substantial amount of money. Be sure to look for in-store savings available at different stores close to your home. Also, look for manufacturer’s coupons that you can print out from coupon websites.

7. Buy Toilet Paper in Bulk

Toilet paper is something that you will definitely use at some point, regardless of how much you buy. If you have storage space and you want to know how to save money on toilet paper, look for savings with a bulk purchase.

Many grocery and general merchandise stores offer huge packages of toilet paper that may have a very low per unit or per weight cost. You can also shop with local discount stores, such as membership-only club stores, if you want to save money.

8. Fold Your Toilet Paper

Everyone has their own way to use toilet paper. For example, many people simply wad the toilet paper into a tight ball before using it. While this may be a common habit of yours, it may be costing you money.

Folding a few sheets of toilet paper may help you to conserve the material and save money on a regular basis.

9. Invest in a Different Toilet Paper Holder

When you use public restrooms, you may notice that some holders are designed to tear the toilet paper after you have a few sheets. This can be rather frustrating if you are not used to it, but it also helps to conserve toilet paper consumption.

You may be able to invest in one of these toilet paper holders for your own home. This can help your family be aware of their own consumption and take steps to curb usage where possible.

When you want or need to cut back on spending, making changes that affect your essential costs is important. For example, when you know how to save money on toilet paper, you can easily enjoy regular savings in your budget going forward. Now that you know how to save money on this essential item, consider implementing a combination of these tips in your daily life to enjoy great results.

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