How To Save Money On Dog Food

How To Save Money On Dog Food

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In many homes, a dog is more than just a lovable pet. Many dogs are considered to be part of the family, and you understandably want your dog to eat well and to enjoy a long, happy life. However, the cost of quality dog food can be astronomical, and a large bag of premium dog food can easily sell for $75 or more. If you have a large breed or multiple dogs, you can easily go through this size of bag within one week or less. If you want to know how to save money on dog food, rest assured that there are a few excellent options to consider.

You Can Save Money on Dog Food If You…

For pet owners who are concerned about the quality of their dog’s diet as well as the cost of their dog food, you may want to know how to save money on dog food without necessarily sacrificing on quality by buying the cheapest product you can find.

After all, you want to ensure that your dog gets adequate nutrition from the food you provide to him or her. If you want to know how to save money on dog food, consider following one or several of these ideas on a regular basis.

1. Cook Your Own Dog Food

When you want to know how to save money on dog food, one of the best ideas available is to cook your own food. You will have complete control over the ingredients that go into the food, and this gives you control over the cost of the food on a per ounce basis.

This is especially beneficial if your dog is on a special diet, such as because of a food allergy. Many dog foods that are designed for special diets cost a small fortune to buy.

You can find recipes for homemade dog food online to give you a great idea about the types of ingredients you would need to buy as well as the overall cost of those ingredients on a weekly basis.

2. Buy Dog Food in Bulk

If you want to know how to save money on dog food without having to spend so much effort preparing meals in the kitchen for your pet each week, consider buying bags of dog food in bulk.

This is a great idea for pet owners who have a limited amount of time available each week for cooking or shopping. For example, rather than buy one bag of dog food every week, you may be able to save money by buying four bags once a month.

These should last you for the entire month. Many retailers offer a bulk discount, but it is not always advertised. You may need to inquire about this, and shop around to compare the bulk prices available.

You do, however, need to have space in your home to store your bulk purchase until you use it.

3. Buy Dog Food From a Wholesale Supplier or a Discount Store

Another idea to consider if you need to know how to save money on dog food is to look at prices offered from wholesale suppliers and discount stores. Pet stores often mark up their prices because they are a specialty store.

Some grocery stores also mark up dog food prices in comparison to the prices you may find at other stores. When you want to save money on this expense, you should be open to looking at all options.

Even consider making a special trip to a store you do not normally shop at to take advantage of savings. If you are willing to put in some extra time in this effort, you may be able to save a small fortune on dog food regularly.

4. Use Coupons

You can find coupons for dog food in many different places. The Internet is an excellent resource when you are looking for special offers on brands you are interested in. You can also look at dog or pet specialty websites as well as general coupon or money-saving websites.

The retailer where you shop for your regular groceries may also have a coupon. The brands that have coupons associated with them may vary from week to week. So be open to changing things up to take advantage of financial savings opportunities.

5. Avoid Brand-Name Buying Strategies

Some pet owners only buy elite brand names because they associate these names with quality and freshness. In some cases, high-end brand names may actually have higher-quality ingredients than very cheap store brands.

However, many store brands closely follow the same recipes that average brands use. If you buy a middle-of-the-road brand for your dog, you may be able to switch to a generic or store-brand. This will save you money on dog food expenses without sacrificing the quality of the food your dog enjoys.

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6. Consider Online Sources

When you think about how to save money on dog food, online shopping may not immediately come to mind. After all, many dog food bags weigh 40 to 50 pounds or more. Additionally, the shipping fee on an item this heavy may be high.

Some pet food suppliers online do charge a high shipping fee that can add on to the cost of your purchase. However, you may be surprised to discover that some do not charge a shipping fee at all.

Because this is a potential way to save money on dog food, you should be open to exploring all possibilities.

7. Avoid Buying the Same Product Each Week

Some pet owners who want to know how to save money on dog food will comparison shop once to identify the best deal. They will assume that the brand they identified will always be the best deal available. Store prices and product prices vary from week to week.

Because it can be a major component of your budget and the cost can fluctuate, it makes sense to always check prices rather than selecting your dog food bag out of habit.

8. Comparison Shop Online Before You Buy

A final step to take is to spend a few minutes comparison shopping online. You can easily search for the top few brands of food that your pet enjoys. Do this to determine which store nearby or online offers the best prices.

This will help you make the best buying decision. It can also save you a considerable amount of time from shopping around.

Whether you have one very large dog or several dogs, you understandably may feel the financial strain associated with buying expensive dog food on a regular basis. You do not necessarily have to make concessions on the quality of food your dog eats simply to save money. Each of these strategies can help you to save money on quality dog food in different ways. You may even be able to combine multiple ideas together to maximize your savings opportunities.

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