Cappex Scholarship Review (Is It Safe/Legit?)

cappex scholarship review

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Getting any type of college education is expensive and it takes years to pay off any sort of student loans or grants. Scholarships can help pay for some or even all of a student’s tuition.

Scholarship databases, such as Cappex, have claimed to help thousands of students get matched to scholarships and pay for their tuitions. But how well does Cappex actually work? After thorough research, we have put together a Cappex scholarship review.

In this review, we’ll point out the what we liked about the site and points we thought fell short. We will also highlight what other people thought of Cappex.

What is Cappex?

To start off our Cappex scholarship review, we want to first highlight what Cappex does. Cappex models itself after Fastweb’s model. Once you fill out a profile, Cappex will match you to scholarships and other financial aid sources. How exact those matches depends upon how much information you give them.

Cappex also uses your profile to match you to different schools. From there, you can pick what school works best for you. Those colleges can even get in touch with you, instead of you trying to get a hold of them.

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Cappex helps prospective and current students to have access to a higher education. They are absolutely legit and scan their scholarships and schools to make sure their users aren’t going to get scammed. To further make sure their users are informed, they give access to articles on financial aid advice and searching for the right college.

We Liked Cappex Because…

For this Cappex scholarship review, we made a dummy account with some basic information and played around a bit. Cappex has a few amenities we liked about it:


The dashboard was both a pro and con for us. For now, we’ll focus on the pros. As soon as you make an account, the dashboard pops up and is categorized with colleges that match your profile, colleges that have messaged you, and scholarship notifications bar. The top of the page also has separate tabs to take you to different pages, such as the matched scholarships you can apply for.

Scholarship Portal

When we made the account, we were matched with over 150 scholarships. In the portal, you can click on the link to learn more about the scholarship, what it takes to apply for it, and even how large of an entry pool you’ll be against.

It also has a multiple choice drop screen that allows you to choose if you’re interested in applying for the scholarship or not or if it’s even a good match for you (there were a few scholarships that were not matched to the dummy account).

College Profiles

One of the big things about Cappex aside from the scholarships is its ability to match you to a good college. It’s pretty thorough too. When you are matched with a college, you can click on the profile to read the statistics, tuition rates, what your admission chances are like, and even plan out a college trip.

Resources and Blog

One of the other things we liked was the resources tab. Since they are a college search engine, they have a lot of articles on how to narrow down your list of schools, what major would best fit, as well as financial aid advice.

Cappex Cons

While there was a lot we found that we liked, there was also a few things we didn’t like in our Cappex scholarship review.


We did say there were a couple things we weren’t sure about with the dashboard. While it looked nice from the onset, navigation was a bit overwhelming. Even though it had a notifications bar if you won a scholarship, you couldn’t actually get to the scholarship page from there.

The dashboard page seemed a bit cluttered. It was hard to parse out what exactly was on the page and what you had easy access too.

Profile Page

First off, when you are creating an account for the first time, it asks about how much schooling you get. We found that it only asks what year of high school or college you’re in, not if you’re an undergraduate or a graduate. It was a bit disheartening, especially because there are undergrad seniors who are looking to go to other graduate schools and may not know what choices they have.

After we created the profile, it took a few minutes from the dashboard to find where we could narrow down the profile. Considering the scholarship match is based on how precise your profile is, trying to find the right page and edit it is actually pretty hard to do.


After we were done playing around with the account, we deactivated the account. It was a pretty painless process and easy to accomplish. However, we noticed that when the account was deactivated, there was a warning that if colleges had messaged us we would still get emails from the colleges themselves.

This is a bit troubling as when you deactivate an account, it’s believed that you don’t receive anything else from them. This also ties into recent information that databases like Cappex and Fastweb will sell your information to third party sponsors such as colleges and related sites.

If you decide to get a Cappex account, make a separate email account so you can keep your personal one fairly clean of any junk mail.

Cappex Online Reviews Say

EDUireview’s Cappex scholarship review liked how in-depth Cappex was with their profile. They also liked how in-depth the college profiles were to make sure the user was as informed as they could be when searching for colleges. The only con they had was that you couldn’t see the list of colleges until you fully completed the profile.

Scholarship Opportunity’s Cappex scholarship review was less than enthusiastic about EDUinreview. Like us, they were impressed with the ability to mark the matched scholarships whether you were going to apply or not. However, they did say that it wasn’t the most informative database they’ve come across. They rated Cappex a 3 out of 5 stars on their site.

Forum boards are mixed in their reviews. Some have said they have won a few scholarships using the site. Other have stated that while Cappex has some good scholarship matches, your time could be better spent Googling for private scholarships.


Cappex is a scholarship database that is also known for its in-depth college profiles that you can be matched to and get in touch. While those were some highlights that we really liked in our Cappex scholarship review, we were less than impressed with navigation clutter, only getting a few decent hits, and having your information being sold to other colleges.

In short, if you want to use Cappex, it is a good website to have on hand in your scholarship search. However, we do warn to not connect any database site to your social media accounts and to use a different email address to keep your personal one free of junk.

Thank you for reading our Cappex scholarship review, and don’t forget to share your thoughts below!

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