Can CVS Coupons Be Used On Prescriptions?

Can CVS Coupons Be Used On Prescriptions?

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Many people need to take medications for various reasons. But, prescriptions can be costly especially if you need to purchase them often. CVS is a pharmacy that has product coupons available for many of their customers. 

If you pick up your prescription medication at CVS, and you are wanting a discount on it, then you may be wondering, can CVS coupons be used on prescriptions?

Unfortunately, CVS coupons cannot be used for prescriptions. These coupons can only be used for retail items in CVS stores. Coupons for prescription medications are not available. The only coupons you can use for prescriptions are pharmacy discount cards (such as GoodRX) and coupons for specific medications.

Coupons are a good way to save money. They can give you a certain percentage or amount off the merchandise you are purchasing. This can help you to save money when you are buying those things you need or want. 

There may even be times when you have been wanting something and a coupon can help you to afford it. Or maybe you wouldn’t usually try a certain product or brand but since you have a coupon, you do. 

Many stores offer coupons that can be used at their stores. CVS has coupons available for many of their retail items, but they do not have coupons available for prescription medications. If you want a coupon for your prescription you will need a pharmacy discount card or coupons for a specific prescription medication. 

CVS doesn’t offer any coupons for prescriptions. 

By using either your insurance or a pharmacy discount card, you can save money on your prescriptions. Unfortunately, you cannot use normal CVS coupons for purchasing your prescriptions. These coupons are only accepted for retail items. 

CVS coupons can only be used for the item that they display. Prescription medications are not displayed on CVS coupons. These must be prescribed by a doctor and can only be discounted with insurance, or a pharmacy discount card or specific medication manufacturer coupons. 

So, you cannot use CVS coupons on prescriptions because there aren’t any CVS prescription coupons available (at this time). 

Can I Use My CVS Rewards On Prescriptions?

Prescriptions can be expensive to purchase. If a generic brand of medication won’t work as an alternative and you need the brand-name medication, sometimes you may not even be able to afford it. 

If you shop at CVS a lot you may have heard of or are already a part of the CVS rewards program. Now, you may be wondering, can I use my CVS rewards on prescriptions?

Unfortunately, CVS rewards cannot be used on prescriptions. ExtraBucks rewards are only accepted for store products. CVS doesn’t offer any discounts on prescription medications as these discounts are only available through your insurance or pharmacy discount cards or manufacturer coupons. 

CVS Rewards is known as ExtraBucks Rewards. These rewards are earned and the credits can add up to give you savings on CVS merchandise. ExtraBucks rewards cannot be used on prescriptions, alcohol, gift cards, lottery, money orders, postage stamps, prepaid cards, or tobacco products. 

Just like CVS coupons, CVS rewards cannot be used on prescriptions. 

Medical insurance plans usually cover the prescription and all you have to pay is the copay. If you have insurance, then you should check and see what it covers. Your insurance may even give you a discounted price. 

Now, insurance companies have pushed most of the cost onto the patients and most of the time they only pay about 25% of the cost. This can cause us to look for ways to save money on our prescriptions. If you need to save money on your prescriptions, you can use a pharmacy discount card or manufacturer coupons. 

These are the only coupons that you can use on your prescriptions.

Do Pharmacies Have To Accept GoodRx Coupons?

So, we mentioned that CVS coupons or CVS rewards can’t be used for prescriptions. Although you can’t use CVS coupons, you can use pharmacy discount cards or manufacturer coupons. One popular company offering lower prices on prescription medication is GoodRx. 

But, when you are paying for your prescription, do pharmacies have to accept Goodrx coupons?

All pharmacies are required to accept GoodRx coupons/discount cards. The only time a pharmacist can decline a GoodRx coupon/card is if the customer is using it for a controlled medication. Otherwise, GoodRx coupons are accepted at all participating pharmacies.

GoodRx is a pharmacy discount company that offers savings on prescription medication. It is free to use and you can get your medication for 60% to 80% cheaper than if you would pay cash for it. You cannot use this with insurance, but if the pharmacy discount card or coupon will give you a lower price than using your insurance would, you can use it instead of your insurance. 

GoodRx offers customers discounts that can be used on their prescriptions. These discounts will vary depending on the specific pharmacy you are using and covers many medications. Even pet medications can be purchased with GoodRx. 

The discount of these discounts can vary and change every once in a while. So if your doctor prescribes a specific medication it’s a good idea to open the GoodRX app and search for that medication. Then have the prescription sent to the pharmacy that has it available for the cheapest price. 

Recently, my daughter has been struggling with repeated ear infections and so the doctor prescribed a stronger ear drop to help her get over it. Thes drops were incredibly expensive at our normal pharmacy (Wal-Mart) but we were able to get them for 50% cheaper using a pharmacy at a local grocery store (Fry’s). By checking the GoodRX app we were able to have the prescription sent to the cheaper pharmacy and save over $50 on that single prescription. 

The way GoodRx works is they gather the lowest prices and discounts for the prescribed medication you need from pharmacies in your area. You can then choose which coupon to use or pharmacy that you want to go to. Once you have selected a coupon, you can print it out, send it through text or to your email. 

When using a GoodRx coupon, it is used in the same way a grocery store coupon is used. All you have to do is show the printed or digital coupon to the cashier who will then type in the numbers giving you a discounted price for your prescription medication. 

GoodRx has thousands of participating pharmacies and all of these have to accept GoodRx.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, CVS coupons cannot be used on prescriptions. They can only be used for CVS retail items. If you have insurance, it may cover the cost of the prescription or lower it for you. If your insurance doesn’t cover that particular medication, or you don’t have insurance, then you can use pharmacy discount cards and coupons like GoodRx. 

Pharmacies are required to accept these coupons. They give you a discounted price for the medication you need. So, even though CVS coupons cannot be used for prescriptions, there are other coupons you can use to get your prescription medications for a discounted price.

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