Unigo Scholarships Review (Is It Safe/Legit?)

unigo scholarships review

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While high school is one of the most enjoyable phases of life, it is also the time where you’re faced with the decision of what career to choose and where to study. Finding the right school is hard enough, but what’s even harder is the fact that not all students can afford most of the schools they plan on attending.

Luckily, we live in a time where there are services that address this dilemma, simplifying the process for a lot of students. This Unigo scholarships review intends to outline Unigo and what it can offer to help many students achieve their goals in life.

What is Unigo?

Unigo is an online portal that connects students to thousands of potential scholarships. It has plenty to offer beyond just that, as it also houses information about college profiles and rankings, internships, jobs, career advice, and even articles and a textbook store.

When it comes to scholarships, the site features user-friendly categories and profile-based matching.

Unigo was founded in late 2008 by Jordan Goldman, who served as its CEO from 2008 through 2014. In 2014, Unigo.com was acquired by EDPlus Holdings, LLC, who then sold it to EducationDynamics along with EStudentLoan.com two years later.

In an interview with the Harvard Business Review, Goldman said that the goal of Unigo was to streamline the process of choosing a university. The inspiration came from one unfortunate fact about the US: choosing a college in America is a stressful experience and very expensive.

To help provide a remedy to this situation, he first created a database called Students Guide to Colleges, which eventually evolved into the juggernaut of a business model that it is today.

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To those asking the question, “Is Unigo legit?” you’ll find the answer at Unigo.com, where there are over 2 million registered users, 3.3 million study materials, 90,000 internships, 650,000 college reviews, and a whopping 3.6 million scholarships.

With a goal of serving education, Unigo is using a business-to-education approach instead of the B2B method. This, in turn, bridges the gap between the student profile and identity of the college or university in order to steer students in the correct path, eventually reaching the right school, getting a scholarship, and landing a job.

We Liked Unigo Scholarships Because…

…it’s easy to find one using their online database. Unigo has an incredibly well functioning website that will pair you up with the right school by simply entering your information, including location, academic status, the year you graduated, and the areas of study you’re most interested in.

Another reason why Unigo is helpful is that of their unique student loan finder where students can sort out through different financing opportunities. It also has its own scholarships, each offering a different amount from $1,500 to $10,000. Some of these scholarships include the Unigo $10K Scholarship, All About Education Scholarship, Superpower Scholarship, I Have a Dream Scholarship, and a whole lot more.

Unigo is also free to use. All the information you can find on their website is free to view — you simply need to create an account. Although, the website also has a Premium School Profiles feature, giving schools the opportunity to contribute to the site in order to connect with students directly.

Finding a positive Unigo scholarships review is very easy. It’s amazing how the website has garnered the attention of many organizations, which only goes to show that its services have been nothing but helpful throughout the years. Their platform is not only a place to seek information, but also a place wherein students and their families can prove themselves deserving by providing their own input.

Unigo’s own scholarships come in many forms, and the way it works is quite simple. They will ask you a question, you answer it. If they find your answer interesting and a stand-out, then you get a reward. You don’t have to be the brightest or having the most outstanding grades (though that may help). As long as you’re witty, there’s a chance you can win a scholarship.

Unigo Scholarships Cons…

We didn’t like the way Unigo’s own scholarships work. You CAN find merit-based scholarships and university-specific colleges using their scholarship directory, which will guarantee you of funding until you finish college, granted you maintain an impressive set of grades or adhere to the requirement the school or organization requires.

But Unigo’s own scholarships, the ones offered by the company itself, can’t be defined as a scholarship per se — they’re more like an award. They make you answer a question and they pick out a winner. The winner, of course, will be rewarded with a prize money, and that’s it. It’s a one-time thing, and not a continuous support of funding similar to the traditional scholarship.

Unigo Scholarships Online Reviews

The company has already earned the best Unigo scholarships review and had been featured in magazines, news outlets, and educational websites including Harvard Business Review, USA Today, The Huffington Post, and more.

Textbook publisher McGraw-Hill called Unigo the “most authoritative library of college reviews on the internet. Other Unigo reviews mostly recognize the company’s dedication to make financial aid a much more simple process. A Unigo Scholarships review by USA Today included the website in the ten best sites to search for scholarships list.

Meanwhile, Inc. named Goldman as one of the top thirty young entrepreneurs in the US.

In a way, the awards received by the company are Unigo scholarships review articles themselves. For example, Infocommerce named the site a model of excellence. Unigo was also a finalist in the Webby Awards’ best social networking website and the Association of Educational Publishers’ best education website.

The recognition the website got not only came from huge organizations. Students and their families flock online to post a favorable Unigo scholarships review or two. They commend the site for its vast network of schools, scholarships, internships, and more.

The firm’s media partnerships have greatly helped them gain an Unigo scholarships review that speaks highly of their services. This is because they provide accurate college information to The Huff Post, Money Magazine, ABC News, and the US News & World Report.

Along with The Wall Street Journal, the firm co-founded the brand WSJ On Campus. They have also come up with tutoring materials and high school curriculum by partnering with McGraw-Hill Education.


It’s unfortunate there exist organizations that exploit desperate high school and college students, luring them into scams that promise to fund their education. In order to avoid these fraudulent offers, it’s best to seek out a reliable source of information and funding like Unigo.

Unigo lets students take matters into their own hands by allowing them to freely browse through their directories and be paired with the best school or scholarship. Need internships? You can have it. Want a free career advice? Simply browse through their blog. Need a textbook or a bookstore? You can find the information on the site too.

The information you can find on the site is free and they won’t force you to sign up for premium services. With their media partners, you are always exposed to the latest information, signifying the firm’s credibility and trustworthiness.

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