How To Save Money On Beer

How To Save Money On Beer

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You may love to drink beer with your friends over the weekend while watching the big game or to relax with a beer at happy hour at the local bar after work. Everyone has their favorite types of beer and enjoys drinking it in different ways. However, it can cost a small fortune to drink beer regularly, and you may be researching how to save money on beer so that can trim your budget without adjusting your lifestyle significantly. If you want to know how to save money on beer, consider following these helpful tips.

You Can Save Money on Beer If You…

Depending how much you drink, where you drink and what types of beer you drink, your beer budget may easily be several hundred dollars or more per month. If you want to gain better control over your budget, save more money or accomplish other goals, you may need to learn how to save money on beer. You can easily adopt these tips to drastically reduce your beer budget.

1. Buy Seasonal Beer

You may not realize that beer can be a seasonal product, and you can save money by purchasing beer that is in-season. For example, some beers are specifically only available in the summer months, and they may have a lower price as a result.

However, monitor prices constantly. Some specialty beers actually cost more than the standard or year-round options. However, specialty or seasonal beers may be discounted at the end of the selling season.

2. Drink With Friends at Home

If you are like most people, you have spent $5 to $8 or more on a single beer at a local bar many times in the past. However, you may be able to get a full six-pack or more of beer at your grocery store or liquor store for this amount.

If you want to know how to save money on beer, a smart idea is to purchase beer at the local store and to enjoy it at home with your friends or even relaxing in front of the TV or in the yard on your own. You can also avoid having to pay tips to wait staff and enjoy affordable snacks at home.

3. Look for the Best Prices

If you are like most people who buy beer, you have a brand or two that you prefer. These are the brands that you may commonly reach for when you are ready to enjoy a beer without giving a second thought to the price.

However, the reality is that beer prices at local bars as well as stores can vary dramatically. For example, one type of beer may be available for a half-price special at a bar. When you focus on special offers, you can more easily save money on your beer purchases.

4. Make Bulk Purchases for Parties

If you are hosting a party or a large event with friends and family, avoid buying individual bottles or cans. Opt for a keg as a more affordable alternative. If you do buy bottles and cans, consider shopping with a large liquor store in your area that offers a bulk rate on beer and other types of alcohol.

If you have a second fridge in your garage or basement, you may also be able to store extra beer that is bought at a bulk rate for you to enjoy over the course of the next month or two at home. You do not need to only take advantage of bulk prices for parties.

5. Go to Happy Hour

While you can save money drinking at home from time to time, you may still want to head out to a bar or restaurant to enjoy drinks in a social setting periodically. You can easily look for happy hour specials and plan your visits to different bars or restaurants around these special times.

Use the Internet to research happy hour times before you head out, and make an effort to only order off of the happy hour menu to save money on your purchases. Many appetizers are also on sale at this time, which can help you to save even more money.

6. Visit Local Bars

If you want to know how to save money on beer, you should pay attention to the prices at different bars and restaurants. Some higher-end or chain bars and restaurants may have dramatically inflated prices.

If you want to enjoy a cold beer with friends at a bar, consider visiting a local dive bar or a hole-in-the-wall to save money. Many of these bars have a relaxed atmosphere TVs playing the big game, pool tables, darts and other fun activities to encourage you to have a great time on a dime.

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7. Share a Pitcher With Friends

If you are looking for tips on how to save money on beer, there is a good chance that your friends may also be looking for money-saving ideas of their own. In many bars and restaurants, a pitcher of beer is available at a significantly discounted price in comparison to buying the same amount of beer by the glass or the bottle.

If you and your friends can agree on the type of beer to buy, ordering a pitcher can help you to save a substantial amount of money each time you head out. Be sure to compare the prices before you place your order so that can make the most cost-effective buying decision.

8. Plan a BYOB Event

When you host a get-together at your house, you do not need to feel obligated to buy beer for everyone. This can cost you a small fortune, and you may already be opening your home up to host the event as well as buying food and décor.

You can consider making the invitation a bring-your-own-beer event. If you want to save even more money on your house party or backyard barbecue, consider asking everyone to bring their own beverages as well as a dish or snack to share with other guests.

9. Reduce Consumption

These are great ways to save money on beer, but there may be one more realistic option that everyone can consider. If you want to know how to save money on beer, the best idea may be to simply cut back on your consumption. If you normally have two or three beers in the evening after work, consider changing this to a single beer.

You can also bring cash in your wallet, and keep your credit card at home. When the cash is gone, it may be time to stop drinking and head home. These steps can reduce your beer expenses by half or more each month.

If you have recently tallied how much money you spend on beer, you understandably want to know how to save money on beer regularly. Regardless of how and when you drink beer, you can see that there are numerous steps that you can take to save money on your beer purchases. You can easily combine multiple tips listed here to save even more money on your upcoming drinking plans.

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