How To Save Money At Starbucks

How To Save Money At Starbucks

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Many people love to start their day with their favorite morning beverage at Starbucks, and others head to this famous coffee shop for mid-day pick-me-ups or a much-deserved treat. However, if you are like many others who frequent their local coffee shop, you may spend a small fortune on Starbucks over the course of a month or a year. While you could forego visiting Starbucks altogether, you may not have to take this drastic step. When you know how to save money at Starbucks, you can enjoy your favorite drinks and snacks without financial guilt.

You Can Save Money at Starbucks If You…

Starbucks is not known for offering money-saving specials or coupons, but this does not mean that you cannot get creative and save money in various ways. In fact, when you learn how to save money at Starbucks, you may be able to shave a small chunk of change off of each of your visits to this coffee shop in the future. You do not have to pay more than necessary to enjoy the caffeinated beverages you love. Here are some of the best ways to save money at Starbucks.

1. Invest in a Reusable Cup

One of the easiest options to consider when you want to know how to save money at Starbucks is to invest in a reusable cup. While there is a cost associated with buying the cup, this expense may quickly be recouped if you frequent this coffee shop regularly. In fact, you can save ten cents off of each coffee beverage that you purchase. A side benefit is that you are reducing waste and helping the environment. You simply have to remember to bring your cup with you each time you visit Starbucks.

2. Get a Rewards Card

When you sign up for a Starbucks reward card, your purchases will be tracked at any location that you visit. After your 12th purchase, you will receive any free menu item that you choose. Even if you ordered tall black coffee each of the 12 times, you can purchase a much more expensive item for free with the rewards card. In addition, for each of those first 12 purchases, you can save 8.33 percent on your order. This is an excellent way to conveniently save money on your purchases without adjusting your buying behavior at all.

3. Take Advantage of Free Refills

Another perk associated with the rewards card is the ability to get free refills. If you are drinking coffee in the shop, you can order the smallest size possible. Then, you can enjoy as many free refills as you can drink because of your rewards card. Remember that you can drink one cup of coffee in the shop, and you can always take your free refill to go.

4. Ask for Less Ice

When you want to know how to save money at Starbucks on cold beverages, the secret is to ask for less ice. Ice takes up extra space in your cup, and this means that you get less to drink. With a small amount of ice, your beverage can still be cold and enjoyable. If you enjoy drinking your beverage with as much ice as possible, you can always ask for less ice with your order, take some sips out of the cup and fill up the remainder of the cup with your own ice at home.

5. Request a Short Cup Size

Many people who want to know how to save money at Starbucks are not aware of the fact that there is actually a smaller size of drink available than a tall. A tall is the smallest size shown on the menu, but Starbucks actually has a short cup size as well. For added savings, ask for a short cup, and take advantage of free refills from your rewards card. You can also ask for a short cup of black coffee in a tall cup. Then you can add cream or milk to your coffee for free from the condiment bar. This way, you can enjoy more coffee in your cup at a lower price than you otherwise would if you usually leave room for milk or creamer.

6. Ask for a Cup of Water

If you are in the habit of ordering bottled water from Starbucks, you can skip this habit to save money. Starbucks uses triple-filtered water to ensure quality coffee and tea products are made. Therefore, a cup of free water from this coffee shop is clean and pure. Why would you pay for quality water in a bottle when you can easily enjoy free quality water in a cup?

7. Use the Free Condiments

One of the more affordable items on the Starbucks menu is a cup of black coffee. However, many people who want to know how to save money at Starbucks do not drink black coffee. Some of the more expensive items on the menu, such as a latte, actually only contain coffee with frothed milk or cream. You can easily use the free condiments with a cup of black coffee to make a similar creation on your own for a fraction of the cost. Spend time learning what ingredients are used to make your favorite drinks, and explore slightly different menu options that may be less expensive. You can doctor any beverage that you choose from the condiments bar if you are creative.

8. Research Caffeine Content

Some people order a larger size at Starbucks when they feel the need to consume more caffeine for a pick-me-up. However, with some beverages, there is actually not a major difference in caffeine content. You can easily research the caffeine content of your favorite drinks in various sizes by exploring the Internet. By doing so, you may be able to save money by purchasing a smaller size that has similar caffeine content at the larger size.

9. Buy a Bag of Coffee Beans or Grounds

If you love the taste of Starbucks coffee and want to save some serious cash, a smart idea is to pick up a bag of Starbucks coffee beans or grounds. You can usually find these next to the register or on shelves throughout the coffee shop. With a bag of coffee, you can brew your own beverages at home at minimal cost compared to the cost of having a barista make your coffee for you. Remember that even if you brew your coffee at home a few days per week and visit Starbucks the remaining days,you can save a substantial amount of money over the course of the year. Plus, you can enjoy the quality of Starbucks beans and grounds every day.


As you can see, when you want to know how to save money at Starbucks, there are several excellent options to consider. Keep in mind that you can even combine several of these ideas together for maximum savings. Spend time exploring each of these money-saving ideas in detail to determine which ones may be most applicable to you. You can easily accomplish your goal to reduce your regular spending on your Starbucks habit without forsaking coffee and tea beverages that you love altogether.

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