Does Robinhood Have A Phone Number? (Can They Call You?)

Does Robinhood Have A Phone Number? (Can They Call You?)

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Being able to contact the company that handles your financial investments is an obvious must-have. Robinhood is one of the most popular brokerage firms in the world, but they’re not the easiest company to reach. 

The good news is we’ve tracked every possible method of contacting this well-known company.

Robinhood doesn’t have a phone number that you can call, but you can use their callback feature to be put into a line. They’ll typically call you back within a few hours to handle your problem. 

The company doesn’t have enough staff to handle thousands of calls, so they provide a help center with forums, FAQs, and an email option as well as the callback feature. 

Although it can be a bit annoying to have to wait to get an answer to your question, one of the reasons why Robinhood is so popular is because they are cheap. Cheap trading means that they aren’t a full service brokerage so it does make sense that getting a hold of someone is a bit more challenging than companies that charge a lot of money to trade. 

In this post, I will explain the quickest ways to reach Robinhood, how you can find the answers to your problems with the company, and why they don’t let people contact them via phone. 

I will also go over how long you should typically expect to wait for an answer.

Can I Contact Robinhood By Phone?

If you have a question about a trade or something with your account you will likely want to get in contact with someone immediately but can you do that over the phone? 

You can’t contact Robinhood by phone, but you can enter a queue for them to contact you via a phone number. Click the Settings tab, look for the help or support option, then choose to enter the callback queue. 

They’ll ask for the best number to contact you and provide a timeframe for when you should hear from them.

Most Robinhood calls will get a response within 24 hours, some of them will call back in a few hours though. Robinhood explains their callback queue varies drastically based on the time of day, big news announcements that affect the stock market, and app updates. 

Keep an eye on the timeframe and your place in the queue.

It’s unlikely that Robinhood will have a reliable phone line for you to call any time soon. For the quickest answers, browse through their website. They will have all sorts of Robinhood questions answered, ranging from whether or not they’re trustworthy to crypto advice.

Why Doesn’t Robinhood Have a Phone Number?

It can be frustrating to not be able to call Robinhood so you might be wondering why. Why doesn’t Robinhood have a phone number that you can call? 

Robinhood doesn’t have a phone number because they don’t have enough employees to deal with so many calls. They’d have to pay quite a bit of money to have a support desk with the sole purpose of answering the phone which means they would have to add fees to pay for that. 

Not only that, but they’d need translators or workers who speak multiple languages which would drive up the cost of trading or using their app as well. 

Another reason Robinhood doesn’t have a phone number is that they don’t have enough time to deal with each issue. Most problems can be answered via forums, websites, or FAQ pages, but thousands of people might not want to look for easy solutions before making a call. 

It’d be a waste of time for the customers and company for most phone calls.

They have a small staff dedicated to calling their customers back, hence the callback queue. However, this system lets the company handle phone calls in a timely manner that doesn’t require too many employees or people waiting on hold during busy times. 

Instead, you can go about your day until you receive a call.

How Do I Contact Someone From Robinhood?

If you need to get in contact with Robinhood there are three basic methods to do that. 

To reach someone from Robinhood you can have them call you back, send them an email, or reach out via normal mail. Of these options being called back or email will get you an answer the fastest. 

To contact someone from Robinhood, try these three methods:

  1. Use their help tab on the app to find the quickest solution. The company will show you if the callback queue or email process will be faster at any given time. This method lets you know how you can get a response, but it might also indicate that searching through their forums or website is the best option.
  1. Send an email via their support section. Head to the Robinhood Contact page and click ‘I have a different question’ > ‘More topics’ > ‘Something else.’ This menu will prompt an email box for you to send to the company. You can’t email them directly from your email address, but you can use this route to yield the same results.
  1. Send a letter to Robinhood’s physical address at 85 WILLOW ROAD MENLO PARK CA 94025. Letters might take a while to get a response, but it’ll definitely get their attention. In most cases, the two previous methods are significantly quicker than sending something to the company’s physical address, though.

How Long Does It Take Robinhood to Respond?

If you’ve sent off an email or requested a call back but haven’t heard anything you might be wondering how long it will typically take to hear back from them. 

It takes Robinhood between 3 to 24 hours to respond to calls or emails in most cases. However their response time depends on how busy their customer support staff is, so it’s impossible to provide an exact timeframe. 

Nevertheless, you should receive a reply within a day or two at the longest. There are many other ways to find answers to your Robinhood questions, too.

It can be very annoying when you don’t have the answers you need, especially when the stock market is incredibly volatile and time-sensitive. If you’re in a rush to find an answer or you want to know how you can find solutions for questions you might have later, try the advice in the following section.

How To Get Robinhood Questions Answered Quickly

To answer Robinhood questions quickly, review one or more of these methods:

  • Search through this website. We have dozens of articles about Robinhood, all of which get straight to the point by answering the most common questions that people have about the service. You don’t have to look around for the answers since the primary question has a solution at the top of each blog post.
  • Look through related forums. There are countless stock market forums. While I would advise against following the investment suggestions on most forums, they can provide assistance with account issues, how to use the app or website, and similar problems. Reddit, Facebook, and the Warrior Forum are a few that are popular. 
  • Check for answers on Robinhood’s FAQ page. You’ll find a handful of common questions and answers. They provide a user-friendly layout, much like their well-known app that made them one of the top brokerage firms worldwide.

Final Thoughts 

Now that you know all of the possible ways to reach Robinhood, you can have your answers as soon as possible. Some times are much busier than others, so you might not hear back from them on the same day of your email, call queue, or forum post. 

Nevertheless, our website has most of your questions answered as well so you can find those by simply typing Robinhood into the search bar at the top of the page. 

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